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Introducing Keefla- The Next Big Thing Since Sliced Bread

Dragica & Roza two women from Macedonia, started their business with nothing but an idea, but this idea is worth millions.

These two young women have the American Dream, one filled with passion and love, with a desire to bring it into homes of American families. This dream might be a simple one, bring their Macedonian pastry Keefla® to bread aisles and table tops of Americans, but it could mean a lot.                     Thus was born their new business Roka Bakehouse ®, using the generations-old family recipe for this delicate and savory roll that has people wanting more after just one bite.

Keefla® may look like a croissant at first glance, but it’s more of a savory bread roll sprinkled with a hint of sesame. I wanted to start something creative, explains Dragica. I saw how making Keefla® from my grandmother’s traditional Macedonian recipe was making people happy at parties and holidays events we hosted. We would bring in a tray of Keefla ® to a party and they would disappear in minutes! We couldn’t make enough and people always asked for more. That’s when we asked ourselves, why isn’t Keefla ® available in America?

Thus was born their American Dream, to bring their love for food and sophisticated taste to American Families and foodies everywhere. Keefla ® is like bread but better, it’s the better-bread. You can have them on a cheese platter, with honey and butter in the morning or with Nutella and a glass of milk… you name it!  All kids adore them! Everyone who tries them just once wants more!

Let’s face it, we all have bread with every meal, and everybody loves good bread, with the perfect smell and mouthwatering taste.                                     

     They are betting on American’s appetite for good bread, delivering it with a commitment to using finest organic carefully-chosen ingredients, “We did our homework and people like the divine taste” says Daca.

“We are offering them Keefla ® as an alternative to the breads and rolls that are currently on the supermarket shelves”.

These women are excited to be living the American dream.” America is a beautiful country with so many opportunities for you to become successful. Never stop surprising yourself,” Daca adds as to wannabe entrepreneurs.

“Do your best and trust your gut. Don’t force timing because sometimes you can do more in a minute than you can do in a lifetime. Time is always on our side when we need it”. 

These gals’ advice is “Start your dream. Dreams do come true.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel you just need to bake better bread”.

Dragica & Roza represent Roka Bakehouse ® as their stellar time machine, bringing all the positive vibes, tradition and soul as part of their food culture. Keefla ® is only the beginning of all the delicious products that are yet to come… Stay tuned !!!

With Love, Roka Bakehouse ®